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We Arrange for a Tree to be Planted in Honor of Your Loved Ones Name 

*Itemized Breakdown Below 


What Is Included with our $495.00 Direct Cremation

ALL Inclusive Direct Cremation...

- Return to Nature overhead of Funeral Home & Professional Staff

- Transfer from the place of death into our care

- Refrigeration (6 days) - required within 24 hours

- Death Certificate Processor Fee

- Social Security Notification

- Required Cremation Container 

- Crematory Fee & Certificate of Cremation

- A Tree planted in Honor of in a National Forest

- Recycled / Biodegradable Paperwork

- Basic Urn - applicable for burial, travel, storage, niche placement, etc.   

- Step by Step instructions for the required documentation

- 24/7 Phone Assistance

We Do Not Use an Answering Service

Call Us 24 Hours a Day 719-475-0583

Ages 0 - 24 months there is NO FEE for a Direct Cremation Service

- The first copy of the Certified Death Certificate is $20.00

- Additional Copies of the Certified Death Certificate are $13.00 each

- A Special Coroner Care charge of $44.50 may apply

- ZERO charge for the removal and disposal of a Pace Maker

Other Memorial & Service Options available... 

- Online Digital Tributes 

- Face-To-Face Documentation Assistance

- Service Candles

- Memorial Portraits

- Visitations / Viewings

- Chapel Services

- Church Services

- Graveside Services

- Veteran Options

- National Cemetery Services

- Large Urn Selection

- Memorial Videos 

- Tribute Folders

- Floral Arrangements

And More...

*We Are A Medicaid Approved Facility. Medicaid will approve up to certain amounts if the program participant qualifies for end of life expense benefits. This benefit / amount can only be used for approved final expenses. Having Medicaid DOES NOT automatically qualify someone for final expense benefits. We Can Help by handling 99% of the process for you and your family. Please Ask For More Details at either two Funeral Homes

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Mortuary Hours 24/7

How Long Does Cremation Usually Take?

Cremation in the State of Colorado is a Legal Process. The whole process takes on average between 3 to 8 days. 

Ultimately our process may depend on several external factors, such as how quickly the family provides the necessary information and authorizations, the signature from the Physician who pronounced death, the Coroners Offices, etc... 

Once everything has been completed we'll schedule your family to retrieve the urn, certified death certificates and/or American Flag (if applicable) from us in person or by shipping. 

We can also arrange for burial or scattering. 

LEARN MORE about Burials, Memorial Services & Celebrations of Life 

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How It Works


Steps 1 -5 Direct Cremation

  1. You Call and Speak directly with one of our experienced Funeral Directors 24 Hours A Day.
  2. We Verify Your Identification and Legal Responsibility.
  3. We send you a link for you to provide the Required Documentation and sign the Legal Authorizations.
  4. You Satisfy the Financial Obligation or help us apply for Medicaid benefits. 
  5. Once everything has been completed we'll schedule your family to retrieve the urn, certified death certificate copies and/or American Flag (if applicable) from us in person or by shipping.  

Our Steps 1 -5 Direct Cremation is $495.00 Total

CALL NOW  to Begin the Process  719-475-0583

Making Funeral Arrangements

YOU CAN Meet with a Funeral Director In Person to make Arrangements...

Would you prefer to meet with one of our educated Funeral Directors in person? You have that option. We can schedule a time to meet at either one of our two locations or in your home to assist you with the documentation and legal authorizations. Face-to-Face document assistance is an additional fee. 

Person-To-Person Assistance, including everything listed above with a Direct Cremation is $795.00 Total 

This options also includes a Full multi picture Website Tribute & Social Media posting for your loved one. 

 CALL NOW to Schedule an Appointment  at one of our two locations or in your home 719-475-0583 


Additional & Alternative Options

Formal Public Visitation (4 Hours)

Final Moment to say Goodbye (1 hour)

Celebration of Life Service

Held in one of our Chapels, your Church, Outdoors, in your home or an appropriate alternative location...

 CALL NOW  to Begin  719-475-0583 

Visitations, Memorial Service, Final Moment & Celebration of Life Options are Available at BOTH LOCATIONS

Additional Services


We Place the Branch of Service Flag outside of our Funeral Home with a Temporary Marker for every Veteran We Serve to say Thank You for Your Service

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Green Burial

 Green Burial is a natural way of caring for your loved one with minimal environmental impact. 

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Website Tributes

A Lasting location to Memorialize Your Loved One. Our Tributes are as Unique as the individuals they're written about

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